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I started travelling when I was 19 years old. Always had a wish to go abroad and headed to Canada straight after high school to explore the world. I haven't really explored the world as the more I travel the more I think how big the world is.

Most of the time I travel I worked as ski instructor in winter, Sushi chef in summer. Recently started back to back winter and 2018 is my endless winter year No.4.

However, 4 months of work and 2 months of shoulder seasons allows me to travel heaps.  Very excited to travel  further and get more thoughts and stories written down on my blog.

Countries I have been to

Check out my blog → 旅と写真といい女

Countries I have  lived/worked

2006-2007 Canada

2008 Slovenia

2008-2015 Switzerland

2008-2015 Italy

2009 Sweden

2011 Palau

2012 Spain

2013 Australia

2014 France

2015- Present New Zealand and Japan

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